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Current wooden buildings do not have anything in common with historical building systems based on wood, former cottages and log cabins or with constructions for emergency housing purposes anymore. Conversely, wooden buildings have made a great leap forward, from hand-made manufacture to manufacturing processes in modern plants and high-precision and fast assembly on the construction site. Traditional carpentries have developed into plants which combine designing processes controlled by computers with high-precision robot-controlled tools. Instead of former manually made individual parts we have structural elements with predefined requirements and specified quality characteristics, which can be exactly combined in a whole on the construction site in a short time in terms of their dimensions. The new philosophy of wooden buildings merges the construction phase with the design which is focused on simple and at the same time highly effective solutions and thus it moves the current wooden buildings into absolutely different dimensions.


From a dedicated survey it implies that customers who decide for wooden buildings appreciate especially the rapidity of construction works. Another essential benefit of wooden buildings is given by subsequent energy savings. The technologies which are currently used by companies in this sector make it possible to achieve low-energy or even passive standards. For this reason, there is no wonder that wooden buildings are perceived as a construction system of the future.


The FOR WOOD Trade Fair responds to the growing demand of the public for wood constructions and is focused on the use of wood in the building industry from the structure up to the roof. Every year it presents technological innovations and modern materials making it possible to propose demanding structures and structural elements of wooden buildings.


How to correctly design a functional wooden building, how to choose the best material from the wide range available on the market and what technologies can be used for implementation of wooden buildings? What are the strengths or weaknesses of wooden buildings and which of the suppliers to choose for construction of the house of your dreams? The Trade Fair for Wooden Buildings and Utilisation of Wood for Construction FOR WOOD offers answers to these and other questions concerning constructions of wooden buildings every year.



Statistics: the 2018 FOR PASIV

Number of exhibitors: 129

Number of foreign exhibitors: 3

Number of countries: 4

Exhibition area (v m2 ): 5 770

Number of visitors: 21 743

Number of journalists: 103






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